Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Legs

H-King High Torque Metal Geared Ball Bearing Waterproof Servo 58g/12.8kg cm/0.22s/60 (USA warehouse)I decided on some cheaper servos the than the Hitec servos specified by lynx motion. The specs are roughly similar and they are supposed to be a similar size. I ordered enough for two legs to test fit. Building out the first two legs these servos are a few millimeters too tall. I won't list the part number as I wouldn't recommend them for the Lynxmotion chassis. They fit but not perfect. I ended up ordering the rest. Two legs in I didn't want to tear it down and waste the servos.


Building the legs is pretty easy. The assembly instructions are pretty clear. The only part that is tricky is positioning the servo wheel correctly to ensure adequate range of motion. Something familiar to RC hobbyists. You have to ensure the wheels are positioned correctly. Even then centering will be required. I'll have to solve that in software.

I built in pairs. I have 4 legs on so far before the challenge of the software distracted me.

The picture on the right shows the bearing on the leg. You can see the servo is pushing the bearing out slightly. Not good. But acceptable. I would recommend a smaller servo for the purpose.

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