Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Raspberry Pi Hex Robot Build Intro

So I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. The question was what to build with it. At work we are implementing an Apache Camel integration platform so I wanted to build something that utilized Camel. I decided I wanted to try and build a hex robot that used a remote server to control it rather than the typical Bluetooth controller. Lynxmotion have some amazing kits you can buy complete with full controllers, software etc. But where would be the fun in that.

Aluminum Hexapod 3-R Body Kit - Round Full Size
Lynxmotion Chassis
3DOF Alum. Leg Pair (No Servos)
3DOF Legs
I have spent a lot of time flying Radio Controlled aircraft of various type. I've always wanted to better understand how to control servos etc. What better way to learn.

I bought a chassis from Lynxmotion and 3 pairs of their 3 degrees of freedom legs. Without servos to keep down the cost.

The robot requires 18 high torque standard sized servos in total. I sourced them from hobby king to start the project with cheaper servos.

Over the next few months I'll start detailing the build and software development. I intend this project to be a learning project for a number of different technologies. It definitely will not be the optimal build of a hex robot but with a bit of luck there will be some interesting things to share.

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